Trial and error, 03-04.10.2016

One of the lessons I learned in the training period for Baneasa Trail was to keep a diary of my training.

I already started my training period for the next race, which I consider to be the half marathon I will do in November. I already registered for another one, in October, on 22nd. But this one is more of a test, I am not having any objective. I need to test some gels, see how my body reacts to a half, hopefully my hip will not protest too much, and have fun.

I thought a long time where to keep my training diary and than it struck me: I have a blog. I can keep it here.

So here it is. There is a new section called trail and error followed by the date.

The new training period started yesterday, day of fasting. I decided to train while fasting, as I found several articles with benefits and out of mistake I ran at some point at the end of the 36 hrs of fasting and was ok.

So yesterday morning I went for my regular stroll around the lake, but with a change. I have on my path a place destined for people that want to do bodyweight exercise. There is a bar, there is a rope, a ladder, and there I can improvise some strength exercises. I will do pull-ups, push-ups, squats, climbing rope, hanged abdominals and whatever exercises I find useful. 20-30 min tops. That is about 3 km away from home. So after doing that I will jog back home, round the lake, to make it to the daily 10k.

Today, 04.10, after 36 hrs of fasting, I had set 10 x 1k, with 90 sec rest in between. For people not familiar with running terms that means intervals. 10 times 1 km as fast as you can, with 90 seconds breathing periods.

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