Finally a doctor

Since my DNF at the second marathon, on 27th of December 2014, I have seen some doctors, been diagnosed with patellofemoral pain syndrome, had some recovery, started running again, discovered that was not the knee, but the hip that made the knee bad, but never I was able to get to the bottom of it.

Today I went to a doctor that was recommended by: 1 ultra-marathoner,  1 triathlon athlete, 1 marathoner. They said: you need to be checked by dr Osean from Medy Sportline.

And I did. A very nice guy, very relaxed and in a good mood. Funny, when he checked my knee and my hip, so he had to touch me, he closed his eyes. Looked like was focusing his mind on feeling, so he had to close his eyes.

He examined me for about …3 seconds and concluded: you have a blocked hip. Than he took a photo of my hips, from behind and showed me. And I was able to see there is a difference.

Apparently … now this is for all the people that in the last period laughed at me for working standing … my blocked hip comes from sitting too much. The doctor encouraged me to continue alternating periods of working sitting with standing.

I am to have 3 appointments next week, each of them around 2.5 hrs, that will address my hip and also my knee. Long term unbalance in my hip caused something in my knee and we have to work on that also.

I am not to run at this moment till I finish my session. The doctor said I will notice an increase in my mobility from the first session and I will be more efficient in my running.

So, patience, ArtroHelp Forte, and mobility training. That was another advice I received. As much as possible. Cannot hurt.

Looking forward for my first run after fixing my hip.


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