I might have the proof I am a masochist

I mentioned in several occasions that I am fasting every week for 36 hrs. Which means that I eat Sunday evening and next meal is Tuesday morning. Recently I received a lot of questions on why I do such thing.

So recently I posted this article on my FB page, that mentions 10 advantages. Among this advantages you can find weight loss, speeding the metabolism, improving eating patterns and some more. Read the article.

I wrote at some point an article myself, and here it is.

Well, today I took it, by mistake, to another level. Yesterday I planned to go running and as it happened I found a running buddy and we decided to go at 7. That was the easy part. I´ve set my alarm at 5 and than at 5:05 and I went to sleep. Thinking that from 5, I have time to do all my morning routine which involves drinking half a liter of warm water on empty stomach, eating, and than I can prepare for the run. I was arrogant enough to think I might even go a bit earlier …. as in 6:30, so I have time to go on the longer path towards the meeting point.

I don´t really know how it happened but my alarm did not rang. I woke up on my own, at 6:25. At 7 o’clock I was supposed to be 4 km away. On the short path. So … I woke up, dressed for running, got 1 tiny byte from a banana and went on the door. Fresh out of the bed, after 36 hrs of fasting, with less than 20 min for 4,2 km.

I managed a 4,56 min/km and arrived at the meeting point at 7:02. My running partner was late 2 minutes so that went good. We went and made about 6k at 6min/km and I was ok.

The problem started when I realised that I still have to go 4 km back home. I started with a 5:10 min per km and soon I realised I can´t keep the pace. Impossible. I lowered the pace but I still felt all my muscles in pain, I was struggling and I started having blurry eyes. I managed to finish my 4,2 km back home running, with 5:53 min per km, and an overall for the day of 14 km. I felt my muscles all day long and I still feel a bit funky. I am not sure if I want to repeat this, as I felt a bit high arriving to the office and I had problems going up the stairs. And overall I felt a bit of lack of limbs coordination during the day.

Because of this I say that I might be a bit masochist. A normal person would have called and postponed. I did not thought at this, but instantly I thought: ” I can do this. Might not be a good idea, but what can go wrong?”.

Nothing went wrong, I am on 6th of September and I already made running and trekking combined 65 km. More to come. And I broke another milestone. Check the featured photo. I am for the first time in more than years reaching 82 kg. And so I can start seeing some muscles more defined, I overall feel better and happier. So … yes, I might be masochist when it comes to sports, but that is me and I enjoy it.


What do you think ?

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