It is time to say thanks

Back in the country for just about 6 months. I was not very comfortable with the thought of coming to Romania, and because I lost the position I came to interview for, I was even more disappointed.

I was afraid that I will end up in a typical Romanian company with a manager with communist mentality. I was asked in several occasions if I was scared, if I thought I will not adapt etc. To be honest I did not thought about that. My main concern was the professional side.

But, trough an interesting course of events, things started to look good for me. Mid April I started working.

Late March I had 2 interviews with my current company. Although I was in the country, being in another city than them, they agreed on Skype interviews. I was surprised about this. Was not sure if pleasant or not.

The position they had was appealing, and the offer as well, the company looked good, potential to grow, so this is how I said yes and became Business Development Executive for BoostIT HUB.

I am not going to tell you anything about my job, but I need to say thanks to BoostIT.

Several reasons, running related. From the beginning the CEO, Sergiu, mentioned that they are open in sponsoring people related to sports. By the time I was not running yet, but I kept that in mind.

Once I started running, they have been supportive enough to overlook the fact that in some days I can’t move properly because of muscles soreness, sometimes I had to explain where my lack of energy comes and in other days I need to wear my flip flops to the office because of the blisters, and that recently I had to leave earlier to have my hip&knee treatment.

Some of my colleagues made fun of me at the beginning, as I have my weird stuff: 36 hrs fasting weekly, and working while standing. 5 months later, they started following my example and some of them alternate standing/sitting while at the office, and also they started being interested in fasting.

Their interest went to the running subject as well. So now we are all runners. And we will prove it.

In terms of the support I am receiving from them, I can tell you that starting with my next race I will be running with BoostIT Hub on my back. They have become officially my sponsors, helping out with costs, consultancy for my blog and online presence in general, and by actually something even more important to me: some of my colleagues from Bucharest office started running.

So, together with Sergiu the CEO, Silviu the CCO, Daniel CTO, Bogdan CMO, hopefully Cristian our Project Manager, and some of our developers, on 26th of November we are going to run 10 km. For some of them, most of them, will be the first attempt for 10k.

I make this public, and will have an event on my FB page to motivate them to run, train, so on 26th of November we can run and have some fun. Of course we will have a beer afterwards. And we are planning to have some people invited, to witness the results of arduous training.


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