12 weeks. Thoughts about running & racing.

Actually was a bit more than 12 weeks. I restarted running on 25th of May, after a break of 6 months, that came after another break of 3 months. 2015 was a disastrous  year with 128 km in total.

On 25th of May 2016 I decided to give it another try and I ran 10k in 64 min. I ran on my own, alternating training strength with running till the end of July when I started after Paulo’s plan. 12 weeks, strength, running, diet.

In June I started my fasting diet, and kept it very strict. At the beginning I was fasting just every other week, but with July I did 36 hrs weekly.

My training plan made by Paulo included 3 runs per week, alternating between normal run, intervals, uphill intervals and fartlek. The strength plan had 2 sessions a week, bodyweight exercises mainly, and I had 2 mobility sessions also. That added to the aikido training, twice a week.

On a good week I had 9 training sessions.

I had a lot of friends telling me it is too much, asking why I do this. You know why? Because I like it. I like training, I like being fit, and I like the feeling I have after a very good training session.

I started from 64 min per 10k, and 97 kg. I am not fat at 97 but not light. After 483 km made since may, 12 weeks of arduous  training, I am now at 48 min per 10 k and 82 kg.

What is next? Next is 21 of September, when I am going to see a doctor regarding my hip. Although I had not pain recently I want to have a professional opinion.

After that, I am searching for some close by 10 km, or half marathon races that I can run till November when I am running an interesting half marathon that will be kept in secret for the moment.

I will for sure run more half-marathons this year and will prepare for next year. I need to get my mileage straight and starting with November I will aim for 300 km per month and keep it trough the winter.

For next year I am looking at 4 races in Romania, including a marathon, and 1 out of Romania, maybe an ultra.

One thing that I am sure of, and was made clear for me during CiucasX3, where I was volunteer, I will never run a race just for finishing. That was the marathon I did in 2014. I ran to finish. I have seen in my CP for CiucasX3 some of the runners arriving there, at km 44 from 105, and they were already done. I will never race for the sake of it. I will race with a goal and just when I am sure that I can finish properly the race.

Does not matter what other races I will do next year, this is why my main race for 2017.


What do you think ?

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