Baneasa Autumn trail run

Or as I call it: the first race in 1 year and 9 months, but who’s counting?

I had some objectives. One of them was to have fun. I did. The second one was to finish in less than 48, at least 10 k in 48. I can forget about this objective. I did 54:24 and a 38 place general and 18th in my category.

Was it good? Yes. Was I dumb? Yes. And apparently this becomes a habit. Not to be good, but me to be dumb.

The start was separated on times, that we had to declare when we registered. And per my time I was in sector 1. So I started with the best. So I started fast. Way too fast. I am not good at start, I am good in the last km. But today was different.

I started fast, thinking that I ok, but I could not feel my legs in the first 3 km. I could not rely on them. In the 4th km I started to feel my muscles working, and in 8 km I felt like I am going to have an appendicitis.

I just felt good in the last km and I was able to run properly.

The organisation was good. Many thanks to all the volunteers being in the key points and helping us.

The path was not so fine for me. Imagine a tunnel trough the forest. I felt a bit claustrophobic, and in the first half I had problems in breathing properly. Very hot, very humid, and closed air.

At this moment, hours after the finish, I ate already 3 times since, impressive quantities of food, I slept some hours, I woke up and ate some more, and I feel like a train hit me.

Reasons to be happy? Yes. I ran. I ran in a competition. The dry season is finished. I will run again, soon. Romania is full of running events.Race related happiness reasons: I finished in the first 20 in my category and first 40 overall, I had no hip / knee related pain, and I had some of my new friends around.


What do you think ?

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