Lace Locker

Just before I start with the review I need to tell a story from Novemberflåset.It was there when I tested the lacelocker´s. As the race started I was thinking about it : “who ever needs it ? You just need to pay attention and your laces are not going to untie.” In the same moment the guy that was running in front of me had to stop, get down and tie his shoe laces. And so I had my answer : he needs it !

Lace Locker  ! It is an ingenious piece of equipment that I think I am going to use for more than just running. I used it on the race and worked. It is easy to use and it keeps your laces closed. Also it is quite light and can´t feel anything on your shoe.

I am looking forward to see how they behave on longer runs but it looks quite sturdy.

To continue my story from the race,  I have to say that although the guy had to stop to tie his laces he still ran faster than me.So I guess he could of used it to get even a better time !

Check the website and also the facebook page : StashSports for more information.

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