Peace and quiet !

I have disappeared for a couple of days … 1 week to be more accurate. Nothing happened … besides an atrocious headache caused by a big hangover …(insert blushing emoticon) and a beginning of a cold that passed. Besides that all is fine.

It is official I am finishing the year with a marathon ! Löplabbets Ribbemaraton – Sandvika – Ski / 3rd Christmas Day ! It is more a social event that a race ! However it is a social event for the other people that are probably experienced runners and they use this run to get together and talk about how many marathons, ultra and triathlons they have done this year. For me it is still a marathon and will be difficult due to the cold. But will finish the year like in no other year with a marathon which will make it : 2 marathons, 1 half and 3 x 10 k races this year which is a great improvement from 2013 with only one 10 k and huge improvement from the rest of my life with no race !

Anyway, I have finished sketching my training plan and it will look like this : 3 training sessions per week. 1 long run, 1 uphill intervals and 1 strength session. This is the minimum and what ever comes on top will be , well, extra !

On monthly basis I have to increase the mileage and I hope by March I get to run somewhere close to 300 km per month and will taper starting with second week of May. To mention that my training plan focuses more on the Fjellmaraton than on the Meiamaratona Lisboa.

I am also looking into changing a bit my diet. I am not going to become a vegan and I do not want to change too much. I am a meat eater and unless I will start earning money out of running and I need to improve my times a lot, I am not looking in making major changes. But I can consider small adjustments so I have a healthier diet that can help for example in loosing some weight. Any articles that you can recommend ? Or books that I can buy ? I know nothing of it, and I come from a country where food it is very tasty but I think it is not updated to our life style and it is very unhealthy at this moment. So help a runner out ! Any advice it is helpful !

What do you think ?

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