Novemberflåset 2014

I need to put the year near the race name so I know which one I am talking about. I have closed one circle, running in the same race 2 years in a row.

Novemberflåset is a very small race organised in Stromstad, Sweden.

In 2013 I register in the 10 k without knowing if I can run 10k as I have never done it before. And I did it in 58:46.

This year I had a clear objective to PR, which I have to say that I have failed miserably. The course was more difficult that I remember and now I know that I managed 50:56 in Hytteplanmila just because it is an easier race.

Novemberflåset has a lot of hills, some of it steep, and has a lot of open areas where the wind can slow you down. Which it happened. I got a 52:52, together with some muscular pain after the race. I push it and I felt it.

Although I failed my objective, both of them, I am fine with it. I had as first objective to get 48:46 so I can say I improved 10 min on the same track. Did not worked. Second goal was below 50 … not possible as well. But the race was more difficult than I thought with a lot of up and downs and a lot of wind. So no below 50. That remains for 2015.

I had 2 firsts in this race : first race I do 2 years in a row, and another first is that I had a product in tests !!! So I had a first as a runner and a first as a blogger also ! I tell you it was not testing any shoes, or clothes, it was rather small, but I am happy nonetheless.

Keep running !

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