Preparing for PR

My first ever race was last year in November. It was a 10k race in Sweden. Coincidentally it was also the first time ever I have managed to run 10k. . It set my first PR (personal record). 58:46. Since than I managed a 53:08 in Sentrumsløpet this spring, and a 50:56 in Hytteplanmila last month. So, being the last race this year I want to smash that 50 min barrier.

Actually, because it is one year later, I want to go for 48:46 so I can say I have improved my time with 10 min in 1 year. However, 49:59 would also do it 🙂

And if the stars will align I will break it. I had a run last Thursday where I felt great. Running with friend I had to put a break on it as we were just jogging, but I felt very springy , a lot of energy ready to go, so I am confident. I chose to ignore the run I had last Sunday, as it was horrible. I had one of the worse running experience ever. I had to stop in the second km with pain in my calves and felt miserable. However, I am ignoring it.

Left knee is fine, right foot is fine also, so we are good to go ! Stromstad, here I come !

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