Beyond the training plan

I am in full process of developing my training plan for the marathon. I enjoy doing this and reading about different types of training and what I should use and when and why. It is very interesting. If my training plan is good or bad , that is  another story.

But there is one thing to build a training plan and you need something else to actually implement it. Why am I saying that ? Because training for a marathon it is not easy. And should not be easy. In my opinion if it is easy your are not doing enough. It means that you should train harder.

I trained for one marathon and I know how much motivation I needed to go out and beat the pavement each time I had scheduled a training session. Rain, cold, wind, snow, ice, darkness … this are not very appealing for going out for a run. And by the way that I am setting my objectives for the next marathon I know that I will have to suffer again. Why should I do it ? Why do I need to run another marathon ? Why on earth I chose the marathon called “the mountain marathon” , where the first half of the marathon it is uphill ?

I am not sure why I am doing it. In the half marathon on Sunday I was thinking to stop racing and just run for fun. Passed the moment, my knee is feeling good (although I will do a check up), I seem to have forgot the pain and suffering from the race. 4 days later I am doing a marathon plan that will mean 6 months of … pain !

What is beyond your training plan ?

What do you think ?

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