Running with a group

I should have named this : the benefits of running with a group, but I would not like to influence you as each one has his own thing going.

For me running with a group, being a part of SkiLøperne it is by far the best thing that could of happen to me as a runner. Why, you might ask ?

1. I am beginner, they are almost all marathoners with experience and I can learn some things from them.

2. I am a guest in this country which makes me a bit unaware of the running habits, running routes and so on. I run with them I do not have to get worried about where I am going. I show up and follow them. The group just takes out my stress of figuring out where to run.

3. I get to do training sessions in a competitive way. Much easier to struggle in a uphill interval session when you try to be faster than others … or at least not to be the last one !

4. I get to know people. Again, being a guest in a country it is easier if … ” when in Rome…” and in  here everybody runs, so it is easier to meet them on a run !

5. I get to hear about new races that otherwise I would miss. As it was with Hytteplanmila. And with Ribbemaraton !

6. As I got to be in cool group that organises races … SkiLøpet … I got a cool opportunity to practice as a race photographer !

To get a better picture it looks like this :


Photo taken in the warm up towards the torture place. We were heading towards the uphill intervals, and during those the only thing my mind is not set for is to take pictures. You can see some 15 people, sometimes less, sometimes more. Is not that cool ?

Do you have a cool running group or are you a lone wolf ?

What do you think ?

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