Injury … yes please !

I am injured and I am happy about it.I can´t run for about 2 weeks and I am already thinking what and how I am going to run after I start running ! Crazy how the mind works ! My mom would argue with me here as she still does not think I have one 🙂 My wife would back up my mom on this!

My injury is not that bad. 2 weeks of rest, anti inflammatory cream and start with small distances and focus some more on feet and legs strength. All this will pass me trough August and will be able to start running longer distances with mid September. That puts me close to 1st of October when we finally move house and I will have Østmarka as a back yard and I will be able to do trail running more often ! Yes !

Going back to my injury, can anyone recommend exercise that are for building strength in the feet ? And once ok to run should I still use the FiveFingers ? I am a bit confused by reading so much about it, as I found in some places people saying that this type of injuries come from using minimalistic shoes. I find it hard to believe, so I am asking for opinions !

I think this injury came at the right moment. I will tell you why : I was lacking in motivation to run. I ´ve done the marathon … why should I ? Now that I am injured … I would go to run and I can´t. So I did not knew how important running is to me till I did not lose it. Also, happy for me, it is not something serious and I will be able to jump right into running again !

Good running tours for everyone that is running this weekend !



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