Hei, Norway … Chapeau !

I live in Norway.  Living here and not running or biking during the summer it is impossible. And that is why … Chapeau !
I might agree or disagree with things that are happening here like taxes or the speed of some services and companies or whatever.
I need to give Cesar what is Cesar´s ! And that is Norwegians attitude towards sports. From the youngest to the oldest, regardless of sex, religion or whatever else criteria.
Now to back me up with some facts : yesterday, SkiJoggerne running meeting in a parking near the forest. Let me tell you first something about SkiJoggerne. It is a very nice running group with people from Ski and around. No athlete involved, we are talking about normal people, men and women, with ages from thirty…something till … well I am not sure … Anyway, the point is no athletes , people like myself that enjoy a good run in good company !
And even so, yesterday, waiting for everybody to arrive, we notice that it starts raining. A bit, not too much, but with signs that it can develop, if you know what I mean !
No one says anything, we all ignore it and at 7:05 P.M. we start our tour trough the forest. Of course it rained, not too much but still rained.
I don´t think there are many countries where people from a running group would be so … insensitive to the weather and just go out running and enjoying it. And this is a small example. While I did my training for the marathon, from January till April the weather was horrible. I went running as I had a goal. But do you think I was the only one ? NO. Bunch of other people running, and even cycling. And you know what, if you don´t see Norwegians running in the winter that is because they went skying ! So, once again, chapeau for your attitude towards sports ! So many other people from other countries should take example !

What do you think ?

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