Racing !

The racing plans are getting in place. I am selecting carefully my races and I am now able to share some more info on this.It is good as I needed an objective to aim for !

1.  Hytteplanmila 2014  – 18. October  (10 k) – registered 

2. A certain trail run that I can´t seem to find the link just now ! Ross … help pls ! I think it was a trail run of aprox 13.5 k

3. Kaffedoppet Stromstad : ? November (10 k) – registration on the day

4. Meiamarathona Lisboa 2015 ! –  22. March 2015 – not registered yet ! 

5. Fjellmaraton 2015 – 30. May – REGISTERED !


For 2014 the races are just this ones. I will not run anything else. For 2015 I might have some other surprises. As I want to keep the 25th of December as a day of running decision maybe at the end of the year I might come up with another race. Also, for sure I will run some more local races of 10 k and will search some trail races.

Fjellmaraton 2015 ! I subscribed to their FB some time ago. I was waiting for them to release the registration ! And they did today. And I registered ! It is going to be interesting :


I registered for the full marathon so that is the profile of the race. I am looking now at the first climbing and … hmmm ! I have a lot of hills to do !

I hope that I will manage to register for the Half Marathon in Lisbon. That would be fantastic ! The problem is not to register but to manage the vacations and everything ! We want to go and spend some 1 or maybe 2 weeks there so we have time to see all the family and have some good quality time in Portugal !

That is it for the day, I will go and take care of my feet now !

Have a great weekend !

A marathon runner !



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