Several reasons of happiness

I am happy. For so many different reasons.

First thing first: as you know, I mentioned it several times, I am volunteering for a trail competition. CiucasX3. In the weekend 10-11 september, I will be in one of the most remote checkpoints from Ciucas Mountains, where the runners from the ultra race (105 km) will pass. I might be moved from 1 checkpoint to the other, depending on the needs.

So 2 week-ends till now I have participated in marking the path. First weekend for semi-marathon and last weekend the marathon. Which means that last Sunday and Saturday I had 50 km in the mountains marking the trail. Great weather, great company, and great feeling. I feel, after a long period that I belong to an initiative. One of the advantages of running, and sports in general, it is the people that you meet. Great people, great vibes, great experiences.

This last weekend it’s one of the reasons for me to be happy. Saturday was great, and Sunday was even better. Overall 50 km of trekking, some running and great moments.

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A second reason of happiness.

Having now more friends in the world of running, I found out a doctor that might be able to help me out with my hip and knee problem. I need an appointment, and than just positive energy and the doctor´s magic. I met in the weekend an ultrarunner that had a similar problem to the hip and fixed it at this clinic. I will sure get my hip fixed.

A third reason of happiness. I started running again on 25 of may. So that is 2 months ago.

  1. 25.05: 10k/64’53”, 6:29 min/km
  2. 01.06: 10k/60’32”, 6:03 min/km
  3. 08.06: 10k/58’57”, 5:53 min/km
  4. 07.07: 10k/53’01”, 5:18 min/km
  5. 29.08: 10k/50’43”, 5:04 min/km

That means that today I have PR´ed for 10k. I had the impression that my best time for 10k was 50:36, but instead was 50:56 and today, with 50:43 I have improved my time. Considering that the last 2 kilometers I had to slalom through cars and pedestrians I am sure that I could have gone below 50 today. My previous PR stands since October 2014, Hytteplanmila.

Looking just at the last 2 months, since I started running again, I am even happier. I managed to cut in 2 months more than 14 min.


A fourth reason of happiness comes from Salomon. After a long process, where I changed 2 different model of shoes, and in total 4 pairs, I think I arrived to my new trail running shoes: Salomon S-Lab Wings.  One of the best fitting pairs for my weird feet. Long process, very well managed by the Salomon people. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

All for now. Too much information in one go not good. I will keep you updated about the trail competition, and for sure will take some nice pictures. And looking forward to see the doctor, and to race again.

I wish to all of you happy runs!



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