Lazy week

I had one of the laziest weeks since I started running again. I just could not get myself together and run. I went for a short run on Tuesday, and that was it.

I guess after last weeks where I have increased my mileage I needed some break.

But the break is over. Today I am heading again towards Cheia, the starting point for Ciucas X3, where I am volunteering. Will be some running, for me on the half-marathon path and some cleaning and marking the path for the competitors.

So I am expecting to add some good km in running and trekking. And starting from the next week I am working on changing my training plan.

I am entering week 11 from Paulo´s training plan. While I am changing too much at the beginning and the structure stays the same, I am changing the timing and number of sessions.

As in the same time with running I am trying to develop a social life I need to move all the important training in the morning. So that will mean that I will have from Monday to Friday 4 running sessions that will include free running, intervals, sprint, fartlek, and 1 strength session.

Each morning will start with a mobility session, before doing anything else.

In the evenings, I have Wednesdays and Fridays booked with Aikido. So that means I have Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Depending on my level of tiredness and social life needs in the evening will be scheduled the second training of the day which will be a longer run. Longer depending on the distance that I am training for. In current day longer means 15-20 km.

Weekends will therefore stay free for volunteering, running with friends, mountaineering trips and other stuff that I might want to do. Or maybe just for relaxing and doing nothing from time to time.

I take this opportunity to inform you that I am changing my training as I am training for a half marathon, which hopefully will take place in November. Which will make it over 2 years since my first half marathon, Ørsjødilten 2014.

Go run!


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