PR. As simple as that.

Put on  We are the champions and start reading. At least this is what I am listening while writing and this is how I feel now.

My first 10k happened to be during a race. My first race. Novemberflåset 2013, in Stromstad, Sweden. 59 min. I was running for about 2 months, but never made it quite to 10. 7 was max. I ran it in my FiveFingers.

During 2014 I had Sentrumsløpet with an official result of 53:08. In October 2014 I had Hytteplanmila, one of the nicest races I had ever run. Here I had my PR with 50:56, that lasted till Monday, 29th of August 2016,  when I managed 50:43.

Today, I went out with a strong motivation, stronger than ever. I started fast from the start, and had 4:33, 4:48, 4:30 in the first 3 kilometers which puts me with 61 seconds better than the test I had in week 2 of training. Here are the splits:



With an overall improvement of 16 min in 2 months I cannot be happier.


2 months of training, 2 months of strenuous running sessions, boring strenght exercises and painful mobility position I am able to reach my objective 2 weeks before the time. Now I am confident that I can go below 50 for the 10.5 km on 18th.

Today I had another record. 2 months of training and diet, dont forget my  weekly 36 hrs fasting, helped me to go below 85 kg. I am 84,9 kg. Hopefully I can get to 83 and than stabilise. I am 1,90 so 83 looks decent to me.

This being said … There is nothing else for me tell you at this moment, except everything it is possible with a bit of work. Or more work, depending of the case. And if you really want something, work for it, dream about it and you will get it.

A happy marathon runner that feels everything is going in the right direction after a long time when nothing went good.

At the end, on purpose at the end, a huge thanks to Paulo Buchinho from The real green scene. I know I put a lot of work into it, but I followed a plan that came from him, and he was always there for my questions, my uncertainties and always encouraged me. The way that a trainer, personal trainer, friend should do it. So by all means … talk to him, ask his advice … he might charge you 🙂 but I tell you it is all worth it.



What do you think ?

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