Paulo says, part 2

As I said in previous article, I have a more professional approach to running and I reached out to my friend Paulo, to help me out regain my form.

In between us here, running now after so long, and seeing that I can´t maintain 5:30/km for more than 2-3 km, thinking that while in Norway 5:30 was the pace I was relaxing in, it is rather frustrating.

But, if life taught me something, and it did, it is to take it slowly. And pick my fights as some good friend of mine would tell.

So, I asked Paulo, and him, being at the beginning of his road as nutritionist, personal trainer, said: yes, you can be my guinea pig. I am just joking.

So he asked me a million questions, than he asked me some more. And than he handed me a plan. Actually 3 of them.

1.  Running plan.

In this one Paulo, the real green scene man, included not more not less than 3 runs a week, from last week when it started till the week of the race.

It starts gradually, 5km, 8 km, reaches 12 at some point. Meanwhile there is a lot of uphill intervals, simple intervals, fartlek sessions, progressive training and so on.

2.  Strength & mobility plan

Another 3 session per week. 2 session of strenght, bodyweight exercises, and 1 mobility. In here Paulo managed to combine most of the exercises that I have never heard of.

One example I give you:

To be honest most of this moves I can´t even understand how to do it. I am trying, doing my best but I am not that flexible. Yet.

Worst part in my strenght training is that 1 day of strenght falls in my fasting day. Now I am fasting 36h once a week and so, Monday is a starving day.

I have to have it Monday because of the running and the Aikido training, twice a week.I rather faint at home than to faint at the dojo.

The strenght & mobility plan includes warming up exercises, stretching, pre-run drills, post run stretching and bodyline drills to correct my posture.

3. Diet plan

From all of them this is the most difficult. First I need to understand it properly. Second I need to implement it carefully. Third … from my experience I say that diet can make the difference in your training. If you train like you should, but you are reckless with your diet than you are not going to improve in whatever you train for. And as I want to improve in my running I am aware of this. Diet can make the difference.

Does this mean that I am going to become a vegan? I don´t know. I am not planning but I also learned that “never say never!”


What do you think ?

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