Paulo says!

I know it was Simon, but he is busy with other stuff. I am working with Paulo.

Let me first introduce to you my Portuguese friend. I have a Norwegian friend that I have presented in the beginning and now it is time for my Portuguese friend.

He is Paulo Buchinho. The guy behind The Real Green Scene.

I met Paulo in Norway, while we were both trying to learn Norwegian. Meanwhile I don´t have to try, while he still is having headaches because of Norwegian lessons.

Anyway, leaving aside how we met, we kept contact since. That was in the beginning of 2015 , when I was not running due to my injury.

By the time we met, Paulo was working as a chef, being a vegan, calisthenics practitioner, interested in fitness, martial arts, overall health  and he was living in Oslo.

Now Paulo is an established blogger, posting vegan recipes, has an youtube channel and has finished his personal trainer education, aiming to take diet adviser education.

Having this in mind I proposed to Paulo to work together. Meaning he does the work I take the credits :).  Meaning he built for me a 12 weeks training plan with 3 components: running, strength & mobility, diet.

Why 12 weeks? Because this is how much time I have till my first race this year, Baneasa Autumn Trail Race,  on 18th of September.

The goal is to be able to perform properly on 18th. It is a 10.5 km race and I hope to manage a below 50 min time. Lower the time, better. Considering that my PB on 10k was 50’36”, and now I am at 58’59”, I think I can´t ask for more than that.

Running is obvious why, diet also, and mobility due to my history of knee & hip problems.

And this is how July looks:

Calendar — Month — 01:06:16 to 30:09:16

And this is going til midst September. I will come back and detail the plan in a future post. Now I am just bragging. Or complaining, I am not sure yet. 1 week in the plan and I have something that looks like a temporary permanent muscle soreness.



What do you think ?

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