The shit just got serious!

Pardon my french.

I am in a period of intensive training. And I will develop this for you:

  • Mondays: – strenght training. Warm up – 6 exercises – shoulder tolls, scapula push ups, shoulder dislocations, squat to stand and front and side kicks. The workout has 3 sets, each one of it has 2 exercises and the number of repetitions depends fully on me. I am focused on quality not quantity. Each set has to be done 4 times. After workout, 5 exercises of bodyline drills: plank, side plank, reverse plank, hollow hold and arch hold. Besides this, Mondays are part of my fasting diet. 36 hrs fasting. From Sunday evening till Tuesday morning.
  • Tuesdays: – running. In here the type of running changes by week and the difficulty increases as we go.
  • Wednesdays: – mobility session and Aikido training in the evening. Mobility session includes this exercises Squat Clinic 1.0 or 2 .0 or G MB Hip Mobility or Squat Clinic 101 Animal Flow. I try to do them all.
  • Thursdays: – running. Same as Tuesdays.
  • Fridays: -Strength session, same as Monday. Aikido training in the evening.
  • Saturdays: running. Same as Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Sundays: mobility session.

This is based on the training plan that Paulo build for me. If you are interested in the exercises, especially the mobility ones, just google it.

This is my schedule for the next 10  weeks. The objective is to recover my running to the point where I left it. And improve it a bit.

As it is now, almost 2 weeks in the plan I can say this: I am broken. In a good way. I am tired, my muscles hurt, but I feel tired and good in the same time. My mobility increased, I can feel my hip different, and that is fabulous news. And I lost 2 kilograms. I am at 90 kg.

To get most from this period I am going to establish some rules and one of them will hurt me in the soft spot. I do like wine. Red wine is a great liquor. And from time to time … some would say often, too often, I enjoy a good wine. But the too often it is objective. It is too often depending of your comparison term.  But no more. I will use wine as incentive. I am to drink no more than 1 bottle per month if I reach my objectives for the 10k time.

July´s objective is 55 min / 10 km. August is 52. And September´s objective is 10.5 km that is the race in less than 50 min. The ultimate prize for September is a fabulous bottle of wine, Portuguese wine, from Douro region, that I have just received as gift.


I started writing this article on Wednesday, 6th. On Thursday 7th I went out for a short run and managed to get a 53,01 min per 10k. So my new objectives are:

  • End of July: match previous PR – 50’36”
  • August: improve previous PR with 1′
  • September 18th, race day: 48′ per 10.5 km.

Which means that I am to drink wine on 3 occasions till the end of this period. Once at the end of July, end of August and after the race when I allow myself to open the fabulous bottle of Portuguese wine.

There are a lot of runners that run for beer. I can say that I run for wine!

What do you think ?

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