I am alive !

Therefor I am not dead.

We had a lot of stuff to do with the moving. I had not time to finish the 100k for Arctic episodes and probably I will do that today. Not that it matters for the fundraising but I just want to finish and close the chapter.

We moved. We are happy we did so. Although small issues are appearing and probably will appear … but we are better off here. Soon I will start exploring Østmarka (our neighbour) and I will also start training. So keep close, later today the last 2 episodes from Nils´s epic struggle ! Later on this week first movies with me getting lost in the forest around the house 🙂 !

Cheers ! We start running again ! 10 days till Hytteplanmila !

2 thoughts on “I am alive !

  1. Welcome back!
    Soooo… You want to train in 10 days for a race?
    Ah, it’s only 10 km… Ok!
    Good luck!

    Ps: observ ca la voi nu este prea mare diferenta de timp intre barbati si femei. Primul barbat a terminat anul trecut in 29 min si prima femeie in 32 min. Cu alte cuvinte, femeile sunt ff puternice 🙂


    • You must not forget I am not training to break the world record 🙂
      And to answer to the romanian part of your comment : if I am not mistaken in Norway there is a bigger number of women running than men. And yes, women around here are quite strong … mentally and physically !


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