100k for the Arctic – Last Episode !

I have managed to put myself together in front of the computer and get last 2 videos. Here it is the seventh :

While the eight uploads on youtube let me tell you something !

This was one of the coolest projects I have ever participate ! I am sorry that I haven´t stumble upon Nils earlier, maybe I could of help more. I am looking forward to recidivate. I am looking forward to find and develop meaningful projects. So if you have ideas … please don´t be shy ! I might say no, but in the same time I might say yes !

About this specific project, in terms of resources :

– 1  gopro

– 1 iphone 4

– 1 tripod

– 1 iMac

– 1 iMovie on the iMac

– 1 day of filming

– some days of editing !


The last video is up so there you go :

100k for the Arctic …over and out !

What do you think ?

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