Run a marathon they said …

It will be fun they said … if you are masochist, yes, but apparently that was kept a secret. I think there was some guy that wrote a book on how we are Born to run …or something similar, is not it? Well, if we are born to run, than with me the pattern broke as I feel much more born to sit on the sofa and drink beer ! I am just joking … or maybe not !

Yes, I have just finished my first marathon. Yes, this is quite an important achievement for me. Yes, I am very happy and proud of myself. Yes, every muscle and bone in my body hurts. Yes, I will do it again.

Why I say it is an important achievement for me ? Last year in September I was able to run just about 1000 … meters till I would stay out of breath and could not continue. In November I had managed to run for the first time in my life 10 km, during a race in Stromstad, Sweden. Why Stromstad you might ask ? The answer is simple. From where I live in Norway there are a lot of people who go to Sweden to buy  drinks, being half price there. Yes, you got it right , Stromstad is the closest town in Sweden from where I can buy drinks ! Double goal for that day.

Going back to running. In Christmas I have shown the Nordmarka Skogsmaraton link to my Norwegian friend ! He looked at me and said …let’s do it. I have accepted. Must have been the alcohol speaking by that time.

More important is that on 4rd of January this year I have started training in a serious way. 2 runs a week and 1 gym session. I was 99 kg, which means some 10-12 kg more than what I should actually be. I am 1,90 m so I was not fat but also not athletic.

I ran myself out through January, February, March till I hit myself on the first injury. I have passed the moment and kept running. I was fortunate enough to meet the local running groups from Ski and started running with SkiLøperne and SkiJoggerne. This was a bless for my training as this people were running in a very serious way. I can use just one word to describe the first runs with this groups : self-inflicted pain. They were out of my league and they still are but that was just in my advantage considering that I had a marathon to run! Thank you SkiLøperne and SkiJoggerne people for the motivation you gave me and the boost in my training, without which I doubt that I would have been able to run the marathon.

Going back to my training, for all this 6 months of running the same word can be used : pain. Train, pain, rest a bit, train more, suffer more. If someone can manage to train for their first marathon without pain, please share it and let me know how you did it! I will be your fan!

And soon the important day arrived. 21 of June 2014 ! Nordmarka Skogsmaraton was here ! And with it arrived just more pain. I can see in here a pattern.

I will leave the story of my marathon for some other time and I will end up my first post by saying : yes, I have suffered self-inflicted pain in the last 6 months. Yes, I will continue  running because it gave me something that I was searching for! It was not easy but the last 6 months were some of the happiest months that I had. I will continue running as I am a marathon runner !



3 thoughts on “Run a marathon they said …

  1. Gratulerer igjen med herlig prestasjon! I am glad you joined SkiLøperne and that you found we could motivate you to reaching your goal. You have a tough mind, and stick to the project even when doing so means quite tough suffering – and it would be sooo easy to quit. Well done marathon runner!! And congrats on the blog too. (c:


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