My Norwegian Friend !

I have mentioned him in several articles : here, here and of course, here !  My Norwegian friend ! And it came the time to present him. I kept this article for now mainly out of laziness but it came out very good as I don´t think there is a better time for me to write about him.

To start with the beginning. My Norwegian friend is Glenn. Glenn Marius Skibsted on his full name. I met him in 2007 while I was managing a recruitment agency in Romania and his was working for a partner company here in Norway. I had to do some trips to Norway in 2007/2008/2009 and he also had to come to Romania. We met several times and we shared some beers together, both in Romania and Norway.

We kept contact and while I did my volunteering period in Norway in the end of 2009 I passed first and spend some days with him. I had my last smoke in his company on 26th of June 2009. We spend a fabulous Christmas, together with our significant others, in 2011 and they ( Glenn and his wife) were the ones that helped us when we moved to Norway.

I had one of my first long runs with Glenn and I had run all the 3 races that I did till now in his company. I have run my first marathon with him.

Why am I writing this now ? Because some years ago Glenn decided to follow-up his passion and become a painter. In the professional meaning of it.He has exhibited his works in Norway, Italy, Austria and US.

This is his own description that you can find on his website ( ) :

Human nature, light and environment are the basis of my work. Portrayed in scenes of everyday life where thinking, feeling and acting is something that naturally bonds us all. The aim is to recall, reveal and make available essential emotions and traits that often can be left to fade away. Whether they come from our ethnological background or whether they have been shaped by environmental/surrounding influences they all are elements of human nature, defining our choices, impulses. The final result of my research is aimed to challenge the viewer both esthetically and emotionally.

As a reference to something that “Le Corbusier” once said – I want my work to be a thought that reveals itself without word or sound, but solely by means of shapes, which stand in a certain relationship to one another.

To conclude I would like to say that my wish is to plant a seed. From there on the seed will grow, personalized by every individual.

Some of his works you can also find on his FB page :  Glenn M. Skibsted – Oil Paintings, Photography and Articles !

And I would like to use the opportunity and invite everyone to his exhibition ! Here you have the original text from the event :

Fredag 1. august kl. 1800 åpner Glenn M. Skibsted og Frøydis Brun utstilling i galleriet på Strømsfoss Mølle i Aremark.
Glenn stiller ut oljemalerier og Frøydis stiller ut kunstfoto og egendesignede krus og puter.

Glenn er en samtidskunstner som primært jobber med oljemaling. Han har stilt ut sine arbeider i gallerier i Norge, USA, Italia og Østerrike.
For mer info: og Glenn M. Skibsted – Oil Paintings, Photography and Articles

Frøydis har i flere år jobbet med det kreative. Det startet i 2006 med akrylmalerier, og etterhvert startet hun også med foto. Den senere tiden har hun i tillegg designet krus og puter.
Hun har med seg foto, puter og krus på denne utstillingen.
For mer info: og RoundART

Vernissage fredag 1. august kl. 18.00 – 20.00

Lørdag og søndag kl. 11.00 – 16.00
Onsdag-fredag kl. 13.00 – 17.00



Would not like to translate as with my fabulous skills in Norwegian it might not go as smooth as I would like it! More info you can see here, on the FB event page ! So, he is my Norwegian friend ! I will be tomorrow at 18:00 in Strømsfoss Mølle  and I am inviting everyone !





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