100k for the Arctic

Nils Harley Boisen and 100k for the Arctic. I met Nils trough facebook. I was interested in running related pages, articles, anything and so I have stumble upon his page, 100k for the Arctic. I though his initiative was interesting, got a bit jealous as why I haven´t thought about it and than I thought what can I help with ?

I have a blog, not so visible but some exposure is better than none. I had an idea of interviewing him so I sent him a message. He was quite interested and as we were 100 week before his 100k race, had to move fast. We met one Saturday somewhere in Nordmarka and we spent together some 5 or even 6 hours. I filmed him with a gopro and my iphone and had a photo session also. At the end I had material for 8 questions, plus 1 promotional video that he asked me to do so I say was a successful day. The videos are here and the photos are in the photos section, here.

What do you think ?

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