July !

Second month of running over. June´s figures were 19.59 km while in July I managed to run 40.95 km.

Longest run was 10k, and I managed twice with no real issues for the knee. For the moment I am at 68 min per 10k, which is just 18 min away from my PR.

I tried my forces for 5k and I managed a 31:51, and that is just about 8 min slower than what I was doing before.

I did mentioned in previous articles that I am passing trough some changes in my life, therefore routine it is not yet achievable 100%, I can´t set real number to run per month. What I can set is the lower limit. And as this month I got 40k, I want to have this number as a lower limit. I have to run at least 40k each month.

As I am at my best when routine meets objectives, I have set as objective till the end of the year a 10 minutes improvement on the 5k distance. I am aware that this will trigger an improvement on the 10k as well but I am not going to set any specific goal on that one.

The reason  to tackle the 5k is a simple one. First time when I started running, before the injury I started with long distances in mind. I managed, but I feel like I jumped a step in my running so I will address it now. Also I think that improving on shorter distances first will give me a better form for when I will tackle longer distances.

The training plan for 5k improvement is still to be finished but I am including a lot of core and legs strength, running drills, intervals and hills. I am to make a short video to see where I am to improve on my form and I will use that as a starting point in my training plan.

I wish you a happy running August ! I am happy as I have again a running objective that I feel I can achieve.

What do you think ?

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