When routine meets the objective !

Just finished posting on Saturday about my objective of reaching 10k distance by mid august when I went out for my Saturday run.

I started running thinking about a 7k maybe reaching 8. Till Saturday the longest run was 6.5. I started running slowly, trying not to get to excited and increase the pace, and just checking the view.

I managed to get into the rhythm and pound the trail without realising that I am running. Effortless I would say. I ran 4k and I decided to turn. Turning at 4 would give me of course an 8k run.

Getting close to the  house I realised that I am feeling great so I passed the house and ran some more. Got back to the house and gamin was showing me 9.8. I decided to run around the house and I reached 10. And that felt great.

10k, with an average pace of 7.08, gave me a total of 1h11min. Quite far away from my PR but at this moment I am just enjoying running again. Felt absolutely great, the knee had no problems, and as I am writing now, after 2 days I can say that I had no pain after.

As routine meets objective worked, I need another objective now. Till the end of August I need to improve my 5k and 10k with as much as I can, at least 5 min for 5 and 10 min for 10k. No runs longer than 10 for the moment and lots of strength sessions.

Another issue that I must address is my right leg. On a previous run my wife saw me sprinting at the end of a 5k run and told me that I do a weird movement with the right leg. Now I need to get some images of me running, maybe film me so I can understand what movement that is. I have a feeling that this is also related with a lack of strength in the hips and core. As I get stronger that movement should disappear.

Anyway, I am taking each day as it comes and try to improve very slowly, and mainly to enjoy my runs !

A happy marathon runner !

What do you think ?

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