New news and PFPS !

I have new news that I will not share today. A lot have been happening since last post. Life as an emigrant is not easy and it can be impredictable. But about that later on.

As I had no time to see a physiotherapist, and I am quite curious  I had to read more about this PFPS thing. And I have found quite good articles about it. So, if you allow me to present the PFPS !

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a general term that describes pain in the knee, more exactly at the front of the knee. Reasons to get it : overuse of the knee, problems in the knee´s alignment which may cause the patella to rub on the femur bone instead of gliding, insufficient strength in the arch of the foot, repeated small injuries to the knee and reduced muscle strength in the leg.

Or the cause can a combination of all of the above ! There you go ! So at the end of the day, my wife was right and I am to blame for it ! I should not write this here, and I am quite sure I will be sorry about it.

Lets see why am I to be blamed for my pain :

1. I started running and in less than 1 year I ran a marathon.

2. Mid way through training for the marathon I gave up the strength training.

3. After the marathon my training was not so thorough as it used to be, but gaining experience in running, improving posture and gaining more trust, I became faster and therefore put more stress on the knee.

4. I forced myself in different occasions ( the half marathon was one of them) without having the necessary strength.

5. I have suffered small injuries along the years in the left knee

So … why is it my fault ? I did not train to build strength. I forced to knee. I pushed to knee to run even though I had no strength. After the marathon I did not train regularly.

Here are 2 of the articles that I consider to be quite helpful :

How to get read of this syndrome ? Well … first I should see a physiotherapist and have him check the alignment. Than slowly slowly start building strength in the knee, hip, foot … basically in the leg overall. And than … run !

Will see how I get there. I reckon that I will be running again somewhere in August this year. Small distances, jogging rithm and gradually increase to reach half marathon distances at the end of the year.

From all this story I am happy with 2 things. First is that I asked for a second opinion ! Second is that although I fucked it up with my training and wanted too much, too fast, too soon, there is nothing irreparable ! I haven´t sustain a more serious injury and I will be running again.

In this positive thought I wish you a good running season and please … train smart !

3 thoughts on “New news and PFPS !

  1. I´m afraid you´ve made the classic error – it is such an easy one to make. When one discovers the joy of running, and experiences to improve quite drastically it is ever so tempting to go a bit further, a bit harder, a bit too often. Glad you have found some answers and are able to look ahead and know that you’ll be back in your running shoes again. Giving up is not an option, right?

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    • Yes I did. I overestimated myself and indeed the desire of going further and faster did not really help. No, I am giving up. I will run again and I would probably be able to do it faster if some personal issues were not more important and I need to attend those first. Now I am happy that I managed to control the pain which was permanent from 27th of december till end of february, and will take it easy. This time I hope I am wiser 🙂


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