Friday, 13th

Was not a lucky day. I had my appointment with the orthopedic doctor. Long story short : I have a small cyst in the back of the patella. This however should not give me the type of pain that I feel. In the MR there is nothing to show and by my description it looks like a meniscus tear. The doctor gave me the option of having an arthroscopy so they can take a look. While they are in, they can fix if it is a tear, and they can remove also the cyst.

So … that is where I am at this moment. I will have some time to think if I want to do it or not. I will probably have a second opinion and than take a decision. Useless to tell you that I have a beginning of a hospitalofobia and I am sweating just of the thought of having people going inside me, even if it is just the knee … Just as the doctor was explaining what they will do I felt fainting twice !

Meanwhile absolutely NO running. I will see the doc again in April, to tell him if I want to do it or not.

So, dear friends, it looks like at least for a moment I should look into other sports … something like … chess … or … is backgammon considered a sport ? And don´t give swimming ! Who ever makes me swim should be like the best swimming teacher in the world. My skills in swimming are resuming to a sort of floating …barely … and moving around trough water very slowly. However, I am a very good … I would not say diver but sinker 🙂

Till next time I wish all of you to stay away from injuries ! Good running !

What do you think ?

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