My 2015 for running is not looking good. I already changed my subscription for Fjellmaraton to 2016, and it looks like Lisbon Half Marathon is out of the question. As I have a lot of family in the 7 km race I might try to accompany them there. Especially as it is my goddaughter´s first race ! I hope I can do the 7 km so I can run with her.

Besides that … the knee does not hurt so bad now and it is not swollen anymore, however I am not feeling it good. I trust him not. That is because it might not hurt now but suddenly I can feel something like a pointy metal rod passing trough my knee from left to right, up to down … always like that.

It is just not reliable so I have to figure it out what there is and delay all my running plans. So now I am waiting for my GP to send the appointment for the specialist. It was done last Friday, but apparently it takes a week for a letter to go 13 km. Anyway, I will wait a bit more and if not I will make an appointment in the private sector. I want to avoid this as it is rather expensive.

That is about the knee … Meanwhile I subscribed again to a gym. I will do any type of exercise that are not stressing the knee.

I wish you all an injury free season !

What do you think ?

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