SkiLøpet 2014

SkiLøpet … done ! First running race where I was on the other side ! Not running but helping out ! The way that I could help out was to take photos ! And I did ! 921 of them ! Actually more but some I had to delete. 

If I would have been a pro photographer I guess I would have to delete some more. Maybe just 500 are good and maybe just 100 are very good quality , or maybe none ! However, I am not a pro, I am an amateur so I left even photos that are …hmmm … so so ! Why ? Because those are photos that even though are not so good for me, maybe will make someone happy to see themselves in a race ! 

And so I wish to apologise to all of you that ran on Saturday in Ski and I did not took you a picture. I tried, but you were too many and too fast 🙂  ! My camera is not made for something like this and I had problems in focusing the lens at some point. I tell you, being a photographer is not easy, but pretending you are one is even more difficult ! 

Janicke, one of the organisers asked me not to waste too much time arranging the photos ! That is I tell you like someone would ask you, runners, to run without running shoes, clothes or gear ! No photographer ever , especially us, the amateurs, gave away photos without editing a bit. I say especially us, because more amateur you are more you have to work on your photo to make it decent ! 

So I worked a bit, sorted out, cropped, contrast and especially straighten ! I noticed that in most of my photos the houses are falling ! I have a tendency to tilt the camera to the right ! So I had to straighten most of the 921 photos ! Because I can understand everyone wants to see photos I am not wasting too much time and soon all the photos will be on SkiLøpet Facebook page !  


10 thoughts on “SkiLøpet 2014

    • Fresh, photos … I think … dont mind me I am just trying to translate for myself 🙂 And I managed ! I know you just want to get them fast! I am just joking


  1. Bravo! Sunt sigura ca a fost mult de munca si inca mai e… Ar fi dragut sa ne arati una – doua poze din cele pe care tu le consideri fff reusite.


    • lol ar fi dragut asa-i . e pe vine , azi mi s-a luat de editat 🙂 . auzi da nu vrei tu sa iti testezi engleza pe aici ? 🙂 numa zic , nu dau cu parul , da ma simt nepoliticos in romana 🙂


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