No title, just random thoughts.

The weekend passed and so did my new running friends, they passed the test. I am talking about S-LAB WINGS SG from Salomon. Overall during the week-end I made 36 km and had no problems whatsoever. They feel fine, light, firm, and it is a great support for the feet when running on rough terrain. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I am covering more distance from month to month and starts to show. From 60 km in June, I am now on 5th of september with 50 km already ran or hiked on the mountains. I can feel the difference and I am happy to see that my hip and knee can take this. I still have some discomfort, even pain at some points but manageable. On 21 this month I have the doctor appointment, and I am very confident that he will manage to figure out my problem and help me fix it.

Hopefully I will arrive to a constant number of km per month, which should be around 150. This month should be easy, as I do hope I will be able to make one more trekking trip in Piatra Craiului, and with all the marking for Ciucas X3 I will reach the number. I need to stabilise at 150, and have a number of months with this mileage before I can be sure that I am ready for the next step. Preferably in this 150 km should be a bigger percentage on the mountains.

Although I am now before Baneasa Trail Run, I am already tweaking my training plan for the half-marathon in November. I am to set an objective for it, but just after Baneasa Trail Run. If I would set one now I would think below 1h45min. I will be patient and wait till the end of the race.



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