Hello soreness my old friend!

I had prepared 2 articles. 1 about the weekend and my trip to Ciucas mountains where I went to see the half marathon path, from Ciucas X3.

The other was about how do I feel at week 8 from my training program. I don´t need an article to say that I can just mention it in 1 word: DUMB. I feel dumb and sore.

At CiucasX3 , where I am volunteering and by the way … if anyone that runs the ultra version, which is 105 km, in the most remote corner of your path, somewhere far far far away, there I will be to cheer you up, and kind of that is it. The place is so far away that we will not have water for you, but only good vibes. And a camera to immortalise your pain. So you can remember how dumb you were at some point :). I am just joking now.

Going back to me. On Saturday I thought I will die. We went on checking the path, half running, half walking. We stopped to eat some berries, to talk a bit, I met some new runners, romanians. I realised that this people were a bit out of my league … sort of better runners than I was when I was in top shape. So I am happy I did not died. But … Sunday I felt dead. So was Monday. When combined with my 36 hrs fasting, was sort of a … torture.

Today in the morning was better and so, in the afternoon I went on with my training. In my training plan was written 8 km.

That is why, as a I am a very good student and I like to follow the plan, I just did 20. Which means that at this moment, already, I am walking like a penguin.

So there you, out of 2 articles I did just one. Conclusion: I am not a reliable person.

The second conclusion: at week 8 of Paulo´s training plan I am a better runner. That is the most important thing. Will I manage to reach my under 50 min 10k? I dont know. But if I don´t, you know what? Nobody will die. This is a marathon, not a sprint and I still have time to improve. As long as I am happy running, anything can happen.

I wish you happy races, happy running trips and be happy in general!


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