3000 m in one day

Does not sound a lot. 3000 m in one day. I am just not talking about 3000 m as a distance but as a level difference.

I went again to my mountain. Piatra Craiului that is. I had to. Third time this year, and if time allows it will go another time till weather changes. Than, if I can find some more experienced mountaineers I want to experience one or several winter trips.

But let me go back to my weekend. I went accompanied by a friend with not so much mountains experience. In fact, first time when my friend went to the mountains, in a serious mountaineering trip was with me some 3 weeks ago.

We went up the mountain, to Curmatura Cottage, 1470 m, and Saturday we did nothing else. Set up the tent, had lunch and dinner, some beers and that was it.

On Sunday though, we went up the mountain, down the mountain, up and down again. From 1470 to 1923, down to 1200, up to 1955, down to 1470 and than down to 700 m. So that is roughly 500+700+750+500+700. About 3150 m in 1 day. About 7 hours altogether.


www.carpati.org_harta_muntii_Piatra Craiului_36

Piatra Craiului Mountain

As I am very happy with my FiveFingers, I had to test one theory. So the first up and down the mountain I used my old FiveFingers. However, although going up was a charm, no problems in the climbing, actually helped me a lot, going down on a scree area my FiveFingers found their match. i could not go down the mountain properly, I hurt my feet very bad and I suffered a lot. So going up ….good. Going down… horendess. Overall, does not compensate to use FiveFingers on the ridge. Good till you reach the rock. Fabulous in the forest. Not secure enough for the rock.

I am just extremely happy that I was able to go for the third time this summer. I know for sure that I will get to know another mountain and go 3 times this summer as I am volunteering for a trail race that takes place on 10th of September and I will 3 week-ends in a row helping.

Till than, thanks for reading me!

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