3 weeks

3 weeks in my training plan made by Paulo from The Real Green Scene.

  • I can see improvements. I managed to lower my 10k time from 58 to 53. I am now 3 min away from my PB from 2014. Of course it is not 100% coming from the training plan as I started training before, but it helped.
  • I lost weight. I am now around 90 kg. Not sure how much, but trust me I know I lost weight. I am loosing my clothes on the street and I needed to punch an extra hole in my belt.
  • I am more disciplined. Combined with the Aikido training twice a week in order for me to manage all my trainings (3x running, 2x strength, 2x mobility, 2x aikido) means that I need to have a tight schedule.
  • I am tired. That is one secondary effect. I am not tired while training, I have an overall state of tiredness. I am tweaking my training, my schedule and my diet in order to fix this.
  • I am happy.

At the end of the third week, I needed to have a break. So the weekend that just passed I had to rest, eat, sleep, and rest some more.

I had followed the training plan almost 90%, and when I did not followed it means that I was up on the mountains, which can be a good workout as well.

In terms of diet:

Ok, let’s start from the beginning. Diet is the most complicated thing to help someone with. For several reasons ­ personal taste, knowledge, mental awareness, convenience, will, etc. Here is the thing about diet plans ­ it sucks! Just as simple as that. Someone who is given a diet plan, most of the times, will not follow it, or, in more than 90% of the cases, will just come back to the starting point after finishing the diet plan. Sometimes even below the starting point. So, I would rather help people to eat better. Not perfect. There is no such thing. But there will always be better.

Words of wisdom from Paulo. The diet plan it is more than just a 12 weeks schedule with what should you eat today. It gives me the information, sometimes information that I already knew, it gives me tips & tricks and suggestions. I am looking at this more as a long term eating habit changing document. I don’t think it is realistic to say that I will change my diet habits in 12 weeks, but this can be the start for something on the long term.

Some of the habits I have, some others I need to create and maintain. I am looking forward for my first race this year and I searching for a nice half marathon to do after. Any suggestions?

What do you think ?

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