My trip to the mountains!

I finally made it to my mountain. After … 9 years.

I had 1 more attempt on going to the mountains, in 2014, when I went to Padina Fest and was an unfortunate experience. Due to subjective reasons that trip was a bad experience. But that is history.

After 9 years I made it back on the top of Piatra Craiului Mountains, for the third time in my life.

I planned the trip in detail. Even like this it did not went my way. Initial plan:


Piatra Craiului initial

Initial plan was rather difficult. “La Lanturi” it is one of the most difficult trekking routes in Romania. And followed by a day of ridge where you have to carry your water.

The group was at the beginning of 8 but we ended up 5.

3 girls and 2 guys. One of the lessons I have learned in this trip is that I need to assess better my hiking colleagues.  Physical and mental as well.

We had 1 member of the group that was not able to climb and delayed us with about 2 to 3 hours in the first day and that is a big thing for all.

We had more stops, more hussle with the backpacks and we spent more water than planned. Therefor we had to adjust our trip and it ended like this:

Piatra Craiului final

I chosed to change the path as continuing with an unexperienced climber on a ridge path was rather risky. Even in the first day things got quite messy when she felt about 3 m and was lucky enough that I caught her.

Coming after an exhausting day, not changing the plan would have been a bad decision.

We were in a bad shape, tired, and not in condition to continue. 2 of us we were able to continue but not all 5.

On top of everything in the night we spend on the ridge, we had the pleasure of assisting first row to a impressive thunder storm. Which did not helped us getting a good night rest.

With ll that, there are 3 things that came out of my trip:

  • I made it to the top, which was important to me.
  • I learned a lesson, and nobody had to die for this.
  • I have to go back to finish what I started … Mid July probably will have another go.

That means more photos.

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