My fasting

I am fasting. I tried several diets…or schedules of fasting till I found the one that works for me.

I think fasting is  an interesting concept. If we look to all of the major religions existent in the world, the word fasting exists in all of them.

We fast in Orthodoxy, catholics fast, muslims have Ramadan, jews fast and I guess all the religions, at least the main ones have in one form or the other fasting.

While living in Mozambique I hold 1 day of Ramadan. Just for me to understand what exactly means. For somebody who is not used to fasting, add the torrid heat, and you will end up with a not so funny experience.

During my running, especially in 2014 I have tried different types of fasting. I have read and I do believe that fasting can be something good for our bodies. Just that everybody needs to find it´s own thing. At this moment we have a huge number of fasting plans. With some of the funniest names: The 5:2 Diet, The 16/8 Method, Eat-Stop-Eat, 24 hours, 36 hours, and some go even further. Like 96 hours and even more. I read about 10 days water fasting.

There are millions and millions of web-sites where you can read about it. There are millions forums where people go back and forth about how long, how often, how strict you should be.

My fasting, which I do not recommend, is 36h. I dine sunday evening and next meal is tuesday morning.

It took a bit for me to get used with. I do it  every other week. So twice a month I don’t eat for 36h. I drink stupid amounts of water and tea … and that is about all.

Why I do this? It started as I said in the beginning. I find fasting an interesting concept. I now have some specific advantages:

  • helps me with my weight management
  • combined with a proper training schedule I gain more muscles faster
  • I feel overall with more energy
  • helps me to overcome my cravings. Since I started fasting I am able to manage my cravings in a better way. I never thought at this, but it came with it.

Again, I must say that I do not recommend fasting and if you choose to do it you should check with your doctor first.




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