I am back!

In the last 2 weeks, less than 2 weeks actually I have done more sports than in the last 6 months.

Apparently coming back home was good. For a long period of time I was afraid to go out and run because one of the injuries that I was suspected of was Femoral Head Avascular Necrosis. Which would have been bad.

That is why I was insisting to wait till I do a MR to my hip. But dealing with the medical system in Romania is not that easy and they managed to get me out of my nerves. I am still not registered in the system, and last experience that I had with them made me go on the streets and run.

Recently, I have spoken with a friend, that among others is a surgeon. In a completely different region, however he studied medicine. And talking with him I realised that if it would have been necrosis and first bout was in 2014, by now I would have been crippled. So chances to be necrosis are minimum.

I am not sure what else it can be, but eventually will check.

Meanwhile, I am training in a different manner, I am having a more holistic approach, and I have included elements of yoga and pilates in my exercises. I am biking also, thanks to my friends, which makes me good. If all goes good tomorrow I will start my first training in Aikido.

I changed my diet a bit. I introduced the 36 h fasting every second week and I am eating more balanced.

I am organising a “weekend adventure” for some of my friends, a 4 day trekking in the Carpathian Mountains and will organise more trekking trips over the summer. Adventure is a nice word. I like it. So will have more mountains articles around here.

And by the end of June I will see how my running goes and will plan some races for the autumn.

What do you think ?

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