A lot of first timers

For the first time in Romania, and for the first time this year, I am going to run tomorrow.

For the first time ever I am starting on Thursday to have Aikido courses. I have this in mind for a long time but never got to actually do it due to movements around the world. Thursday I am testing a place in Bucharest and through the week I will go to a second gym that has Aikido courses.

I am 1 month in my, for the first time, 36 h fasting diet. Once every 2 weeks I do not eat anything for 36 h. I dine on Sunday and next meal will be Tuesday breakfast. I tried several fasting diets but none made me feel any difference. This makes me feel good. On Tuesday morning I am full of energy and overall my mood is better.

For the first time in a long period … I don’t even want to think how long, I am organising a mountain trip for some of my friends. Check it here. Or here : Piatra Craiului general.

I had a burst of energy after this weekend, being invited by some old friends to go biking, I had a fabulous experience. What I thought will be “lets bike around the park” transformed itself into 27 km of  biking through a somehow wet forest, that got me tired, dirty as a pig, but happy. My hip said nothing, my knee said nothing so I will slowly start being active.

In the same time I reconnected with people from my past that meant a lot for me and that gave me another boost of energy.

I am back on track. Keep in touch!


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