Bucharest !

I used to live in the capital city of Romania back in 2006-2007. I enjoyed it, sort of, but not fully.

I am back in Bucharest, since mid last month and I am now 100% here. Body, spirit and luggage.

I got a new job, working for a company where I have the chance to grow professionaly and personally as well. I will mention them later in a special post.

Next steps :

-Register to a doctor, do a MR to my hip and figure out what is wrong.

-Meanwhile, I will take advantage that I live close by to the biggest park in Bucharest, Herastrau Park  and I will start walking. There is a lake there and one lake round is about 6k.

– Tweak my diet, introducing more vegeterian recipes.

– Tweak my working habbits : work standing. I am doing this as I type, at home and I will adapt my desk in the office so I can alternate working standing with working siting.

– Go to th mountains !

– Enjoy my life !


What do you think ?

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