My pains !

Before I go into explaining what I discovered I need to remember you about my injury. Happened in 2014, 27th of December. Took me sometime till I managed to get a good specialist to look at me and I was diagnosed with patellofemural pain syndrome.

I made some physiotherapy … some months of it and recovered, I thought. In June2015 I moved to Portugal, from Norway, and I thought I can start running. And I did. And I went to gym in the same time.

However, as 2015 was finishing, I developed a very annoying pain in my left hip, the pain in the left knee reappeared and a strange numbness in my right ankle was developing after a certain number of kilometers.

My knee went fine after doing a MR examination and my ankle also. No signs of issues there.

In the same time, some other type of problems appeared and I stopped running, I had not time for doctors and the pain stayed. Sometimes I had this pains, all three in the same time, even when walking.

In February I moved again so no time for doctors. But as I am rather curious on my own and I have an issue that cripples my running I did some research.

And here I found this :

A pelvis that is tilted too far forward, known as an anterior tilt, is one common abnormality that happens during running. Overuse injuries associated with an anterior tilt include hamstring strain, low back pain and patellar tendonitis, which causes pain in the tendon that connects your kneecap to your shinbone, and patellofemoral syndrome, in which you have knee pain from running. Patellofemoral syndrome is commonly called runner’s knee. If the angle of your gait is widened, an anterior tilt also may lead to lower leg issues such as shin pain.

Although there are opinions that say that an Anterior Pelvis Tilt is not necessarily linked with legs pain while running, I think in my case might be.

So I found this video :


Guess what … when I do this, the leg I let go skyrockets to the ceiling. In the same time I always had a sort of mute pain in my lower back that I always ignored. It might come from here.

I found a lot of discussions on reddit about it and how correcting anterior pelvic tilt helped them to feel better, have a better posture and have no pain.

Conclusion : I am starting some exercise to correct this tilt, which are mainly stretching, and next week I will go to a doctor in a medical center specialized on athletic related injuries.

Keep your fingers crossed for me ! I need to run again !

What do you think ?

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