Life happens.

I am currently following the 6633 Ultra race, the toughest race on the face of the world. 560 km in the Arctic. We have for the first time 3 Romanians running it, and the results after 3 days are showing a Romanian podium. I wish them and all the participants the best of luck!

But back to me. After last year started very bad for my running it just got worse. At the end of the year I passed trough some very tough personal problems and once again I moved.

Since 2008 I moved every year, except 2011 when I lived all year long in the same place. besides that …I had a major move every year, including moving from one continent to the other.

In 2015 I lost some friends, I could not run, I was injured several times, I had problems finding a proper job and … good God 2015 is finished.

I am at this moment in Romania, recently divorced, and I am participating in a recruitment process for a job that I can consider it is my dream job. If everything goes out for me I would get to live in the place where I consider home, close to my mountain, and hopefully I would be able to figure out what the hell is wrong with my legs and get back to running.

I will keep posting from time to time, because if I close this blog I feel that I lose completely my connection with running. So I will have updates from time to time and I will share on my facebook page all the articles I consider interesting.

All the best for the runners all over the world. Especially for the ones fighting now with the harshness of the Arctic. Good luck guys !





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