2016 … looking forward to see what you bring.

2016. Finally. I have been very anxious to see 2015 gone. In terms of running … actually in every area of my life 2015 has been a completely disaster.

Personal, professional, health, running … you name it.

Running, as that is the main area here, I can just say that I ran a total of about 127 km. That is all the year long. I started the year injured, and it last till June, when I finally was able to run some. I got another injury that kept me off in September. Restart running, get together with the running group from the gym, just to finish the year with another injury.

So I am in a reset mode. Something went wrong and I need to figure out what and work to change it.

This new year I am going to have quite a selfish year. I am looking into my wellbeing, looking to improve myself professionally and not only. Looking to make new friends and to get in touch with older friends. Looking to sort out the reason for my injuries and to work on running again, the same as I ran in 2014, where I ran more than 1000 km … being my first year of running I feel quite proud.

I wish you what I wish for myself and I am looking forward to make better decisions from now on.

Happy 2016 !

What do you think ?

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