Crazy People.

I am in my fourth week of gym. Till now looks good. I am rather broken on regular basis. I kind of start to enjoy it. I suspect myself of masochism.

But there is something else I have to share. It is about running. Finally I started running again.

Last year, in the middle of my training for the marathon, I had the luck of joining a great group of runners, SkiLøperne, and meeting them was the best thing that could happen to my running. As a matter of fact, for motivation reasons I am still a member of the group on Facebook so I can see what are they doing.

The gym I subscribed here in Ponte de Lima, which is Ginasio Clube Nautico Ponte de Lima has a running group. Which I have avoided since I subscribed to the gym. Avoided as I was a bit resilient to start running without a minimum of training. However, after 4 weeks of training I considered that I am up to. And I went running with them last Wednesday.

I knew that they do around 10k, and there are different paces groups to suit everyone. So there I go, thinking that I should be able to keep up with one of the slowest groups.

As I a very lucky, this week there was no plan for the run. So when the group got together they started thinking where to run. And just my luck we did what is called the Madalena road.

Let me explain you : we ran from 5 m altitude up to 247 m in 4.76 km. Which gives a hell of an incline.


The pain, the horror. 

It took me 36 min to get there and just 22 min to get the hell down. Gravity helps. What gravity does not know is that the knees hurt, in general, and in particular if you go down with an average of 4.62 min/km.

Overall I had an average of 6.14 min/km which I consider to be decent for someone that ran a staggering total of 100 km during 2015.

What I found even more impressive is that my knee is good, and also my right foot. Sign that the gym does work and I am could not be happier.

Result of this last weeks of pain : I am running. I am fitt. I am losing weight. I am looking forward to have my second evaluation in the gym and change my workout plan for stamina.

Keep close as I am starting to run I will write more often. Maybe some pictures, maybe some photos will come. I am happy that I found another running group and I am happy to see that they are as crazy, in a good way, as my running group from Norway.


What do you think ?

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