Gym and stuff !

I am in my second week of gym. My training plan includes 4 session per week and looks like this :

15 min treadmill + 3 x ( sets of 8 different exercises with 15 repetitions ) + 10 min bicycle.

The intensity is set to high, I have just 1 min rest in between the sets of 8 exercises and trying not to rest in between the exercises itself.

The weights are adjusted to maximum load I can work with whilst doing it correctly.

The result is : I am hurting all over ! And I am loosing weight, as this is my objective till 5th of December, when I will have another evaluation and hopefully I can change my training plan for gaining stamina.

It is just astonishing to see how fast my body degrades itself. I am now at the level where I barely can make ONE kilometer in 5 minutes and than I have to stop. I run 3-4 km and I am broken.

But I trust the gym, as it belongs to one of the best Rowing Clubs in Portugal, by the way, the best in 2015 and with some other titles during the years, and hopefully I will get back to running properly.

As all my objectives for this year passed by me very fast and I could not reach not even one, except healing the PFPS, and I sort of afraid of setting another one. But I have to say that I am looking forward to a certain Half Marathon next year, in March.

Good running for all of you !

What do you think ?

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