I have the heart for it !

Mid way through my technical inspection I have found out one thing : I have the heart for running I am missing the legs for it.

Yesterday I´ve done my cardiac stress test and it went good. I am cleared by the cardiolog to run as much as my legs can take me. Which is not that much at this moment.

I have complained so much of my PFPS ( runners knee) that took my 6 months to recover. I ran 2 months and I got into another one.

This time my right foot, after a certain number of km´s starts to get numb. The main problem is that the number of km´s it is getting smaller and smaller by the day and now it goes numb even without running at all.

So … tiredness, runners knee, now this … hence the medical inspection. I should be done with it by the end of the month and at least know what I have and start fixing it.

There is one thing I need to say : although I should be very upset I am not. I explain why : running is taking the bad out of me and I become better. I discovered trough running that I have bad hips that caused me problems with my knee : I fixed it. Now I have a stronger hip and working to get it even stronger. I discovered that I have some problem in my foot. I will see what is it and will fix it. So running makes me to understand what is wrong with me and fix it. Therefor … patience. Will get to run again. Meanwhile … you, there, you that are running now … Enjoy !

What do you think ?

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