The plot thickens !

Today I had the best training sessions since I restarted running. On purpose I went for it in the middle of the day, went out at exactly 12:00.

1.5k warm up that went very good. 8 km where in the first 4 km I stopped 4 times ( at the end of each k) to do a session of push-ups/squats/jumps. I finished with 2k in a slow rhythm to cool down a bit.

Overall : I managed to lower my heart rate, although working out in extreme heat and combined running with exercises. This was the lower average heart rate and maximum heart rate I have had since July.

However, I have a bit of an issue. Today I used the Five fingers as last time I had some pain (numbness) in my right foot. So I read about it and one possibility is that the pain comes from the shoes, or the laces, or the simply by the way the foot hits the ground, or maybe there is something more serious.

I am testing the simple things first so of course I changed my shoes. Next will be my normal shoes with a different lacing technique.

But the plot thickens because if I use the five fingers my left knee hurts a bit. So that means that now I have to do a small research and choose a pair of shoes that will make both my feet happy, if it goes to this.

Till than will keep the 40k per month as at least and increase the strengthening exercises, maybe with some focus on feet.

Happy running !

What do you think ?

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