Preparing for 10 k

By mid August I will try to test my knee for a 10k run. Yes ! I have an objective and I can train for it.

In the previous post I talked about routine as a best friend. However, routine without the help of objectives doesn´t do the trick, at least for me. I need to have objectives, so the routine gains a justification.

I ran 20 km overall in June, after 6 months of break. At this moment, 25th of July I am at 15 km and will probably reach 20 or a bit above. My longest run was 6.5 and went good. My pace for 5k is 6.22 min / km which is quite slow, but I am grateful to be able to run.

In the next post I will tell you how it went. I have increased the number of legs sessions to strengthen up my legs and hips and will take it slowly. I am not aiming for speed but my objective is to run 10k, enjoy, and be able to run again without having to wait 6 months.

Wish me luck !

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