My new best friend !

My new best friend´s name is : Routine ! Yes, routine. Which previously I was associating with boredom, it is now passing to the “best friend” category.

In the last period I had a series of changes happening in my life, changes that made me come to this conclusion. Changes in life come with changes in habits. Changes in habits … well … break the routine and make running a bit more complicated, at least for me. But, what is done is done and I am falling again in a routine period. To support my new best friend I can say this : while training for the marathon, I have been a very good friend with the routine. Running in the same days, at almost the same hours, training strength regularly in the same day of the week… resulted in me finishing a marathon.

However … I started running again for almost 2 months. I had 20 km in June and looks like will be around 20 or a bit more in July. I can run 5 km in a go, and I feel great. I am 15 minutes in the back of my PR for 5 km, but that is not a concern now.

I run, therefor everything will be fine ! Also, I can eat properly 🙂

Best of runs I wish you !

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